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Ancient Civilizations and Aloe Vera

Cleopartra and her knowledge about aloe veraThe use of aloe vera has a very long history. You must have heard of the legendary Egyptian queen Cleopartra and of her fabled beauty, but you may not have heard of the secrets of her beautification! It was said that she anointed her skin with aloe gel and even bathed in it! Clearly, she was fully aware of what benefits the fabulous plant aloe vera can do to her skin!

Queen Cleopartra was not the only one who knew the cosmetic power of aloe, it was in fact a common knowledge among many ancient civilizations. Records of this plant exist on Sumerian clay tablets from as early as 2200 BC. Not only aloe’s cosmetic but also its medical benefits were prized by the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, India, and Arabia. Its legendary uses have been passed down through the years. Our knowledge about it has been enhanced by scientific innovation and centuries of experience.

The Amazing Plant – Aloe Vera – The Best of the Best

There are about 400 species of aloe plants, all succulents found in arid regions throughout the world. They’re all beneficial in many ways, but there is only one species that has been recognized for millennia for its magically soothing abilities – Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera).

The cosmetic benefits of aloe vera on skinAloe Vera’s Cosmetic Benefits

Because aloe vera is a desert plant, it has unusually strong abilities to absorb and restore moisture.  Today, we understand that it contains more than 200 different plant constituents – the sources of this plant’s cosmetic power. Overall, they promote glowing and youthful looking skin and hair. This fabulous plant:

  • Restores and retains moisture to skin and hair.
  • Supports health of skin cells and helps in skin regeneration.
  • Helps reduce appearance of pore size.
  • Excellent ingredient for skin cleansing and toning.

As one of the oldest recognized botanicals having good effects on the skin, Aloe Vera has traditionally been used for cooling, soothing and moisturizing. It can soothe minor burns, moisturize and comfort stressed skin. It even helps in your skin’s regeneration process.

Aloe Vera’s Nutritional Benefits

Aloe vera plant However, apart from its cosmetic uses, as many ancient civilizations realized from experience, this plant also has powerful medical benefits. As a succulent plant that thrives in even the driest of deserts, aloe’s sword-like leaves are filled with hundreds of nutritional compounds and life-sustaining moisture that are proved to be beneficial to human as well.

Why Aloe Vera is considered an excellent source of nutrition? The answer is simple! Aloe contains 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins, which are all important to your health. In fact, Aloe vera is the only vegetarian source of vitamin B12.

Among all the benefits, the most prominent ones are:

  • Help cleansing and supporting your digestive system.
  • Beneficial to your immune system.
  • It also infuses you with energy!

The Distinguishing Facts About Our Aloe Vera Gel

Just like these ancient civilizations, Forever Living reveres this magical plant for its soothing and nurturing properties. We rely on the most distinguishing species – aloe vera to formulate our health and beauty products. Therefore, pure and stabilized aloe vera gel is the primary source of almost all of our products.

Because Forever Living owns all the aloe plantations used to make our products, we can thus assure the purity and quality of all our products. FLP owns plantations in the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas. It also owns a 5,000-acre plantation in the Dominican Republic, which is the largest in the world. Watch the video and take a plantations tour.

A field of aloe vera

Goats and sheep are used to control weeds and they provide 100% natural fertilizer to grow a superb crop without compromising the health of the aloe or damaging the environment.

FLP employs local farmers and provides excellent working conditions. Our aloes are harvested by hand with great care. The leaves are processed within hours so to assure the purity and the freshness of the aloe gel. Our special harvesting and patented stabilization processes help preserve aloe in its freshest form for maximum benefits.

Learn more about  aloe vera stabilization process.

Aloe Vera CertificationForever Living carries over 100 different products featuring stabilized aloe vera in its purest form. Our exclusive aloe drinks, which contain pure aloe pulp, are rich in nutrition. They nourish your body, benefit your digestive system, support your immune system, and amplify your energy level.

Our aloe vera products were the first to be awarded The International Aloe Science Council’s Seal of Approval. We insist on the best – and that’s exactly what you get.

Researches about aloe vera's nutritional usesOur Complete Line of Nurturing Products

Forever Living Products offers you a complete line of nurturing products based on 100% pure aloe vera gel, ranging from age-defying facial treatments to delicious and antioxidant rich drinks.

FLP employs respected scientists who are world leaders in their respective fields. Because of their dedication, Forever Living is able to bring you innovative products you can’t find anywhere else like Forever Freedom, Forever Bright Toothgel, and our age-defying Sonya Skin Care products.


Product Certifications

Forever Living is committed to bringing you the best products. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we actively seek out external certifications as evidence of the quality of our products.

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